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Nawal El Kuwaitiya
full name: Nawal Taher Al-Zaid
assumed name: Nawal Kwaitiya
birth: November 18th 1966
horoscope: Scorpio
place: Kuwait
nationality: Kuwaite
work: Singer
website: www.nawalonline.com

*She loved art at an early age of her childhood; she was drawn by every beautiful voice and every beautiful song, of the singers dearest to her heart and the lyrics of those songs she chants is Oum Koulthoum, the Easts Planet, wherein she is used to singing in her own artistic style.

She studied at the Music Institute in Kuwait from which she benefited a lot. One of which is having the role of Solfage which served her in her singing career, and through the institute she began getting in contact with the artist arena and got acquainted with a number of Kuwaiti composers who were convinced by her talent, one of which is the late composer Rashid Al-Khadr who helped her at the beginning of her artistic journey and presented her with may compositions

Her first album was out at the end of 1983 and it is renowned the the singer Nawal does not place a certain name on her albums and simply goes by the expression Nawal 98 or Nawal 99 and so forth. She was once asked about the reason and she responded, Because I take pride in all the songs of my album and therefore I dont refer one to the other, and I leave the album untitled so that I do not impose a certain song on the dear listener but I leave the choice open to them. And up till now, 10 albums of her has been issued, and she has filmed a collection of her songs as a video clip, whereby she was one of the first artists that dealt with this new style of the Arabic song. Her filmed songs are: Ana Min Shouktak (I am the one who excited you), Dourobi (My Paths), Sineen wa Ayam (Years and Days), Arafat Kadri (I Knew My Fate), Marra Aateek (Once I Give you), Lawla AL Mahabba (Had it not been for affection) Tadri (You Know), Ana walla Ant (Is it me or you), La Rihit Anni (If You Go Away), Ya Msabbir Il Wuoud (You who hold promises) and other songs

Some of her most prominent songs which she presented during her artistic journey and which the public knew her are the songs: Youh Ya Youh, Four Years, Ana Min Shouktak, My Knight in Shining Armor, I Suffer, You Know, Lawla AL Mahabba, Arafat Kadri, Marra Aateek and a duet with the artist Abdullah Rashad which met with a colossal success of the song Kan Bi Widdi Niltiki. Her latest album which she cast forward few months ago has accomplished a lot of success for her in the Arabic singing arena especially the songs Ya Msabbir Il Wuoud, Houbok Asbah She Adi (Your Love has Become a Matter of the Ordinary), Anna Il Masoul (I am the One Responsible), Ya Sayyidhoum Weenak (Where are you, their lord) and others

It is known about her that she is frugal in talking to the press and media generally, and she is also distant from the social and artistic occasions.

She did not pursue her university studies due to her occupation with art

An instance she wont forget: When she sang on stage for the first time in her life at the age of 17 and that was at a concert thrown in the State of Bahrain in 1984, whereby she was in a state of anxiety because it was her first experience in facing the public, but she mounted the stage and presented a collection of songs with all confidence and very naturally received a standing ovation.

During that same year, she sang at a concert in the British capital, London. Nawal also ensures that she will never forget these concerts and the big success that she reaped from them despite her young age and little experience at that time. She also loves traveling to countries that are distinct for calmness and exquisite nature, and she always prefers traveling with a group and does not like to travel on her own.

She personally ensures that she is a romantic person by nature and very good-humored and she further likes to stay at home but is not a recluse, she likes people and being social with them, even if she had to be with people who she does not know, she adapts quickly with them

Despite the fact that her artistic journey has exceeded 18 years, she has not received any awards, and on that she responds, As an artist, I have not set the fruits of my labor any reward for one of my songs, because what matters to me most is to give good work. She always says that What suffices me is the love of my public for my art and that is what I take pride in. As for the awards through contests and festivals, I see in them some flattery and personal connections, what suffices me is what I hear from some responsible officials and competent people of expressions, appreciation and admiration after I present any new work.

Nawal is deemed as the pioneer singer in the Gulf region, whereby when she appeared in the artistic arena, there werent that many singers from the gulf at the time, for Nawals beginning was in synchrony with that of the singers: Rabab and Itab only (because the singing arena at that time was confined to them due to the limited number of female singers in the Arab GulfHowever, she retired from art for a period of time for private reasons which she does not declare, but she powerfully returned to the artistic arena with a duet with the artist Abdulla Rashad and Nawal proved her artistic presence from her beginning through her distinct work and as an artist she has her own style of music and artistic curriculum which she has been following from the start.

The artist Nawal has participated vocally only in the Al-Janadiriyah Festival which was thrown in 1998, and that was the first time that the singer participates in that festival, and because the opera that was performed in that festival was at the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the title (Opera of the Unification Knight) and the lyrics and composition of the opera required a distinct female voice, Nawal was selected for being the distinct voice from the Gulf.
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