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Moroccan young singer - studied Business Administration in Morocco - Born: January 6 (Capricorn) is generally a permanent infantile Simpering - very fun love singing since childhood - and on the very modest family and friends - began in the skies of stardom with lightning speed and a high faith in the success of the recorded signal is calculated more than singing of Morocco.

- Started singing at the age of childhood when the frequency of great songs to sing with her mother, which has Pthvizaa woman singing her poems / Umm Kulthum, which enabled it to exercise its voice and development of the Gardens has been involved in music competitions in Morocco, a little girl and get the first rank ever.

- At the age of five years of age participated in the Festival, ten nights Dubai and got a prize for the best singing voice in the Arab world in 2000 - after receiving the invitation of the Egyptian Opera House to take part in the revival of one of the great concerts and the theater was the first time to stand in front of the Egyptian public - has been won the admiration of all present, especially producers and field workers who use the song and all the beauty of her voice and her high, despite the limited size of the audience is the product / Ahmed El - Director of Good News, which expressed his admiration for the voice, talent and agreed with them that the end of the first study to Morocco After returning to Cairo for the stability and contracted for the production of her first album.

- Condemns the Gardens of credit for all those who stood at her side, especially the Moroccan broadcaster (Osiq bin Cikr) the program (the stars of tomorrow), which provides the famous musical talent was provided in most competitions - the first in a competition by the time she was eight years and won first place and revived the party channels, one of Morocco and the intervening period continued in the program together.

- As the largest credit Gannat Condemns Professor of the product / Ahmed El, which adopted the voice and by the public as sound, which led to its success - The Gardens in the sense that the artist has a high sensitivity and has considerable experience in the selection of songs to it.

- Love the voices of singers Gannat adults, including: Saber, Hani Shaker, Amr Diab, Samira Saeed, Elissa, and Magda El Roumi and Shirin.

- Won the prize for best singer in most referendums held in 2006 - has been chosen the best singer of 2007 by students of the Faculty of Politics and Economics at the University of Cairo.
Jannat All Albums
Adaya Deenya - ادعيه دينيه Album Hits : 1944
Jannat - 2017
Be Nafs Elkalam - بنفس الكلام Album Hits : 10412
Jannat - 2016
Hob Gamed - البوم حب جامد Album Hits : 5039
Jannat - 2013
Hob Emtelak - حب امتلاك Album Hits : 6045
Jannat - 2009
Eli Beni W Benak - اللى بينى وبينك Album Hits : 4936
Jannat - 2006
Top Single Jannat
Agbany Shakhsiyto Hits : 1913
Aw2aty Bte7law Hits : 1886
Gawaz Safar Hits : 1865
Ramadan Hits : 1828
3reft Rabak Hits : 1533

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