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Mai Selim
Full name: Mai Hemdan
Assumed name: Mai Selim
Place: Dubai, U.A.E
Nationality: Jordanian
Work: Singer
Website: www.maiselim.com

Mai Selim is a 21 year old singing sensation who signed with FAME music immediately at the company inception. Born in Dubai to a Jordanian father, and a Lebanese mother Mai soon came to settle in Egypt where she grew up and met most of her close friends. Her love for arts and performing started at a very young age, and she wanted to be a ballerina�.later on she shifted towards singing, where she joined the school choir..

She moved form performing with a group to performing within a duet. After graduating high school Mai toyed with the idea of joining Institute of Cinema in Egypt, but her parents didn�t agree. "They talked me into seeing it their own way by talking me into the idea of having a stable future and a career life" she says.

Instead she registered for a degree at the Maritime Academy majoring in Business Administration. The corporate world of facts and figures seems so far removed from her personality, yet she insisted on finishing and getting her degree. Looking back, Mai wonders what she would have done with a business degree if she had not signed with Fame music. She has no problem admitting that she owes her first record deal to pure luck.

"I won�t lie and give you the clich�d line of I�ve been working towards this all my life since I was a child and all that stuff. I knew I had a very strong artistic side to me, and I had a strong passion towards music, but I never thought I�d make a career out of it one day" she admits. One night, as she was invited for dinner, she met Tarek Al Arian, the well known film director and one of the founders of Fame music.

It didn�t take long for Al Arian to get wind of Mai�s talent; she left that night with a set appointment for an audition at Fame music. At the audition the Fame music team heard her voice and worked rapidly towards signing her on board as one of their new stars. Signing the contract was easy. What awaited Mai was a long year of hard work to get to where she is today. As soon as she signed she started to train her vocals with Dr. Jehan El Nasser (professor at the higher institute of Arabic Music). As she also explains "they teach you almost everything at Fame music you need to now to get about in this industry.

How to talk and Communicate how to dress and how to listen to people". As Mai started to spend more time in the studios, between recording and rehearsing, her personality developed with the whole experience. Although she is still her spontaneous self ,when it comes to her music she is very serious and a hard worker. And after all the training and practice she has evolved from an amateur to a professional, capable of extending her vocal range.

Mai�s debut album was �Alby Beyhelam� where she collaborated with re-known composers like Mamdouh Salah, Mohamed Yehia, Amr Tantawi Mohamed Nour and Ahmed Fahmy and the music arrangement by Nader Hamdy, Tarek Tawakol and Ossama El Hendy. Mai�s debut video �Alby Beyehlam� (My Heart is Dreaming) was shot in Beirut, with director Caroline Labaky.

Mai wanted to work with Caroline as she liked her style, and as a ayounf director she has achieved a lot in the last year. According to Mai herself "Caroline made me feel "comfortable on the set, and the result was great For her second video �Tal�, Mai worked along side talented director Ahmed Yousri. Yousri has been well recognized in the last year for his upgrading of video production. He is one of the few who creates a high image quality using digital technology, as opposed to a highly budgeted cinema production.

The result led to a great success, and Mai has definitely made her mark on the silver screen as one of the leading female artists on the music video wall of �fame� of 2005. For the last couple of months Mai�s first album has been released and on sale all over Egypt and the Middle East. �Alby Beyehlam� has been top of the charts in many places and led the way on several Arabian media, TV or radio.
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Fakrah Hits : 1574

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