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Signum is tagged as: trance, progressive trance, electronic, uplifting trance, dance

There are more than one artist named Signum

1 Entry from the Netherlands
2 Signum from Serbia
3 Signum from Lithuania (rock band)

Signum is a combination of two talented producers in the European music industry They are Pascal Minnaard (age 29) and Ronald Hagen (also age 29) Both live in Zoetermeer a small town near his home base in The Hague Netherlands.

Pascal & Ron first met each other in high school, it was the place where they found that they had the same interest in making music and began do some work together Although they lost contact later, they both continued to make music
During this time, Pascal got a record contract at the Dutch label / agency BPM Dance He made his first track it under his name on the label 4-Play (Inside a Rainbow) for its second release ("the flow of knowledge" "other side" "Adapter"), he began working under the name of Signum under the label "Jinx" from former company BPM Dance.

At this time Pascal met up with Ron Ron also signed again with BPM Dance and they started producing together again without knowing that this will prove a big hit when they released their first song together in 1997 under the JINX label, called "What do you have for me," the disc became a big club And the anthem with it`s reissue in 2001 (about TidyTrax) also beat No. 36 position in the UK Top40! "What do you have 4 me" turned out to be what we now call a true "Trance Classic"

In the meantime, they did a remix for "Travel" called "Bulgarian", which also did wellLost charts and was well received by a lot of Dj`s

under their own names, Ron Hagen & Pascal M did the other releases such as "Forever" "Take U There" and "On Stream"

British producer / DJ Scott Mac was interested in to work with Signum So they teamed up and out of that collaboration came "Coming On Strong" which also became a huge club, this established name as Trance producers

After that they were common for a lot of remixes by:

Lost Tribe - " Game Master "(Hooj Choon)
Blank & Jones -" After Love "
ATB - 21:00 (till I come)" (Ministry of Sound)
Kaycee - "Escape" (additive)
Straydog (Dj Tiesto) - "Mirror" (Black Hole)
Alice DeeJay & DJ Jurgen - "Better Off Alone" (Violent Records)
Yves de Ruyter - "in line" (Bonzai)
Space Brothers - "Shine" (Manifesto)

And many more & hellip;

After finishing all these remixes, they started focusing on their own productions they came back with "Solar Level" and after that even stronger with the "First Strike", which received support from many leading DJ / producers including Armin van Buuren Ferry Corsten Dj Tiesto Marco v John 00 Flemming and many more!

This result was soon followed by some more "Cura Me" "second wave" & "third dimension" to which all released on Jinx.
(All songs are played often in sets of the world`s leading Trance Dj`s) They also produced a heavy song "The Wrong Shake `during aka "D-Factor", has also hammered by All Top DJs

Pascal & Ron felt that the time was right to play their own songs in front of the crowd and began to focus on a DJ career
InJuly 2001 they made their UK debut with a three hour set at GATECRASHER As this impressive debut they played in Britain`s best clubs as` Gods Kitchen `GATECRASHER "" Passion "" Slinky "and of course not forgetting the great festivals` Global Gathering` Homeland `& "Summer Soundsystem" Since this debut they`ve visited and that congestion on fire in many countries, Such as: Australia, Spain (Ibiza Majorca) Japan UK Ireland Canada Africa Swiss Germany Malaysia.

2003 was the year that BPM Dance stopped already has a record label and Ron & Pascal needed to find a new record label they did not search for long because a new company was founded in June 2003: ARMADA MUSIC Armin van Buuren Maykel Piron and David Lewis joined forces to kombinera publishing label, management and artist management.

"push" was the first edition of the Signum of the new label "A State Of Trance" named after Armin`s wildly popular radio program and the beginning of a new period of "push" was received very well by the public as well as DJ`s and has reached a pair of No. 1 position in Dance Charts worldwide.

In 2004 Signum teamed up with vocalist Anita Kelsey, and out of that collaboration came "Come Around Again" a beautiful song trances Ron & Pascal described it as the song they always wanted to do Shortly after releasing "The Time Lord" saw the light of day again and again they had made it a massive trance played by almost every trance DJ "The Time Lord was elected Future Favourite on Armin`s radio show again reached several nr1 position in Dance Charts worldwide and also finished in the No. 14 spot in the Dutch years board is one of the best tracks that year!

Remixing wise they have Delerium - "true" Laura Turner - "Soul Deep" Misja Helsloot - "The Other" DJDanjo & Rob Styles - "Duende" Signum makeover, and with great success ...

2004 was also the year that Ron & Pascal decided to re-release "First Strike" and "second wave" But it was a really big demand for the original tracks without releasing them again without something extra was not an option so he invented " Signum Signal "guise, which was more tech-trance-oriented

2005 is already a promising year for Pascal & Ron, they've visited Australia and New Zealand for two strains Tour 2005 (with The Prodigy, Armand Van Helden Rank 1, Mike and many more) with a massive success and
The remixed song "Serenity" in number 3 DJ in the world, none other than Armin van Buurensom also becomes the official anthem of Sensation White Party 2005.

Signum Sound of Trance Techno Tech-Trance and Progressive have won many admirers over the world!
We can say that Signum is one of the most favorite DJs of Trance crowd And you will see and hear a lot of them, and their rise to the top is just the beginning ...
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