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Hani Shaker
Hani Shaker began his musical career at a very early age - learning the piano as a child, when his mother took on the role of agent as well as supervisor of his professional training. After graduation from high school in the early 70s he started to study music at the prestigious Egyptian Conservatoire.

Hani scored his first breakthrough hit in his second year of college in December1972 with a song written by Mohammed El Mougi, Heloua ya Dounia (Its a Wonderful Life), which his musical set him off on his musical career.. Although at that time the biggest legends remained at their peak, Omme Kolthoum, Farid AL Atrache, Mohamed Abdel Wahab and Abdel Halim Hafez they recognized his potential and supported him, so that he was able to become known among all these legends. Until today Hani claims he owes his greatest musical debt to Abdel Halim Hafez, a man who continues to exert a considerable influence on younger Egyptian musicians even after his death in 1977.

In 1974 Hani was invited to participate in a concert in Lebanon, which turned out to be a huge success.. and ever since then Hani has remained extremely popular among the Lebanese..

From then on Hani produced a number of his early hits Siboni Aheb (Let me love), Kisma wnasib (Destiny and fate) and one of his most popular Kida Bardo Ya Amar (Its not fair, oh Moon)

During the 70s Hani presented two famous Plays Cinderella and Egypt.. and three romantic movies When love sings , We live for love and I love this and want that

In the course of his long and successful career, Shaker has proved he is not only a talented singer but also a songwriter of his own material including the whole album of Albi Malouh which included 8 Hits in the early 90s.. and songs such as Maak and Katabetli essenin as well as working with a number of legendary composers from the Arab World including Salah El Sharnoubi, Tarik Akif, Yehia El Mougi, Mohamed Sultan, Baleigh Hamdi and Ahmed Shata.
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Esm Ala Elwarak - اسم على الورق Album Hits : 6404
Hani Shaker - 2016
Aghla Bashar - اغلى بشر Album Hits : 1569
Hani Shaker - 2014
Ba3dak Malesh - البوم بعدك ماليش Album Hits : 5589
Hani Shaker - 2010
Habibi Hayati (Album Sewar) - البوم حبيب حياتى Album Hits : 11897
Hani Shaker - 2009
Ahla El Layaly - البوم احلى الليالى Album Hits : 3323
Hani Shaker - 2007
Bahebak Ya Ghaly - بحبك يا غالى Album Hits : 4460
Hani Shaker - 2003
Bahebak Ana - البوم بحبك انا Album Hits : 4486
Hani Shaker - 2002
Ya Retny Album Hits : 3488
Hani Shaker - 1999
Min Ghier Leih - من غير ليه Album Hits : 2299
Hani Shaker - 1999
Garhy Ana - البوم جرحى انا Album Hits : 4460
Hani Shaker - 1991
Maak - هانى شاكر معاك Album Hits : 3196
Hani Shaker - 1988
Hekayet Kol Aashek - حكاية كل عاشق Album Hits : 3073
Hani Shaker - 1988
Baashak Dehketak - البوم بعشق ضحكتك Album Hits : 2704
Hani Shaker - 1987
Kolou Yhoun - البوم كله يهون Album Hits : 3140
Hani Shaker - 0
Albi Malo - هانى شاكر قلبى ماله Album Hits : 2152
Hani Shaker - 0
Top Single Hani Shaker
Hob Kbeer Hits : 2291
Allah Hasiby 3alek Hits : 2029
Soot El Shaheed Hits : 1912
Eid Wahda Hits : 1589

Hani Shaker

Hani Shaker