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American (Danya Yousef) Sings In Arabic
Danya Yousef
Although does not belong to the Arab world, the love of Eastern music was a strong impetus to study the Arabic language, and insisting able to issue a whole album of Egyptian dialect that combines a sense of rhythm and east-west.

Danya Yousef American was able to master the Arabic language in 4 months and is now celebrating the launch of the first album, (El Laila Ashofak) produced by (Tarneem) and the distribution of the UAE's (Mazika)

We met with Daniel to talk about the experience of singing in Arabic and the album (See You Tonight) Or (El Laila Ashofak)


Why decided to sing in Arabic, in spite of the American identity?

Started singing at the age of 7 years, and throughout my life studying the different types of music, "Pop, Jazz, Opera," but it took 3 years of dance lessons in the east of the State of California.

When I heard the music of East, I felt that something different, Vohabptha Since then decided to study the Arabic language to understand the meanings of the songs that I listen to it.


What is the distinctive thing are you talking about music in the East?

First I loved the rhythm of the east because of my belly-dancing, music, and found that the East depends on the human voice while Western music relies on the piano.

The music playing in the East to allow the voice and the most important thing I like in music in addition to the sense of the East.


Taatguenin the Arabic language, since when you Tdrsinha?

Studied the classical Arabic language for a period of 4 months, and so mastered reading and writing and principles of the Arabic language. Then has to watch Arab films that I constantly spoke Arabic fluently. 

How effectively have the Arab world to sing?

I was visiting some of my friends in Dubai, and they knew the music of Eastern Bhabay Frfinu the head of "intonation" of the production. And those who have met the company and myself Osamathm Viguetnawa me and were keen to know Arabic in order to properly disagree on foreign women who sing in "Crushed."

Appeared for the first time to the public through song video entitled "the heart again," .. how I found your first experiment with singing in Arabic?

Found that people love the song and the clip, I am sure that this work is close to the people, to recognize the public good and Dania learn about the personality to be able to judge it. 

(El Laila Ashofak) the Egyptian dialect the first album .. Hdtheina for this work?

Album (See You Tonight) is a mixture between East and West, "Vallilp see you," a song that combines rhythm and pace of the east-west, we are keen to combine the ideas of the West, with machines such as Arabic.

And in this album dealt with a large group of Egyptian musicians, poets Vtammelt with Mohamed Rifai and Asim Hussain, and collaborated with composers Wael Colonel Khaled Bakri Mohammed Rifai, and the distribution was to Tamim, Kareem Abdul-Wahab, Walid Craci.

A Remix of the song (El Laila Ashofak) by the distributor Michael Lenny, which deals with Ogulira Christina and Beyonce. I also wrote a song in the album entitled "Heart of Dubai" to stay in this country.

7 songs from the album (El Laila Ashofak) from the words of the poet Mohammed Rifai, is found in the words are different from the rest of the poets?

Found that the words of Mohammed Rifai quality and taste have different themes and is not limited to the topics of love.


Was supposed to be the first album of Songs of the Gulf ... Is this project has been postponed?

I have already broadcast the Gulf dialect, but the nature of my album I do not allow the existence of Gulf songs so as not to overshadow the east, since that combination between East and West. But I will be an album full tone of the Gulf
Latest News

American (Danya Yousef) Sings In Arabic

American (Danya Yousef) Sings In Arabic